• Food arranged and packed in the boxes
  • Beautiful food arrangement on the table

Meet Susan


I'm Susan,
and food is my love language.

Born out of my love for food, entertaining and making things just a little "extra," our charcuterie was just supposed to be part of the all-inclusive Micro-Wedding business I started with my husband, Matt in 2018. You know, right before the pandemic? Covid had other plans, shutting down our wedding business in its infancy. What did we do? We pivoted and decided to offer our hugely popular grazing tables as family-sized charcuterie boxes. This quickly and unexpectedly morphed into a business that not only survived, but thrived throughout the pandemic.

What I love about charcuterie boards is the way they bring people together. They're the best ice breaker at any party. Who doesn't love to talk about food? Each board is unique, but always the centerpiece of any event. I love creating each and every board, and strive to make each one just a little better than before. After each new grazing table we build, you can usually hear me tell my team that "this is my favorite one I've ever done".

We look forward to creating a board so beautiful for your next event that your guests won't want to eat it, but so delicious that they can't resist.